The importance of website, social media and e-commerce photography in covid-19 days

22 May 2020 - Corporate - Comment -

The crisis caused by the Corona virus (Covid-19) has accelerated remote work and many sales processes turned digital, this implies a relevant change in the channel and the way of selling.

Given the current uncertainty, the required social distancing, the so-called "new normal" and the possibility of a rebound, companies are undertaking digitization strategies with an emphasis on the online channel.

In this blog we would like to highlight the importance of the images -photography- on corporate websites, social media, digital marketing and electronic commerce. We would also like to provide some details about the photography services that Kunst Photo & Art can offer to companies.

Target 1: Develop a digital corporate identity to transmit the essence of the brand to potential clients, collaborators and suppliers.

The way of making purchasing decisions has changed. In this hyperconnected world, when a product or service is needed, people search on the internet, Instagram, read blogs, opinions ... and check the companies' web pages. Only then, those preselected companies are contacted.

During the pre-selection process, photography plays a fundamental role since "we buy with our eyes". Professional pictures that reflects the style and brand values ​​will make your company stand out.

The use of pictures from bank images is risky, since competition could use the same photographs in their catalogues and website, jeopardizing your corporate identity.

Kunst Photo & Art offers professional photography services to develop your corporate identity:

  • - Company profile: Storytelling images of premises, like factories and office photoshoots.
  • - Employee portraits: Creative portrait, staff headshots, group and action pictures to present the team and the human values of the company.
  • - Products / services shots: Professionally captured imagery to show your company's products and / or services. In studio or in your office, it´s all possible.

- Target 2: Increase sales through an Online E-Commerce Store.

Online sales have increased significantly in recent months, companies must strategically strengthen this channel to be prepared for the uncertain future.

Sharp and quality product photographs in the online store will facilitate the success of the purchase process, increasing the confidence of the potential customer who would feel the products as if they were in their own hands.

Kunst Photo & Art offers E-Commerce photography services in studio or in your facilities: high quality and visual attractive pictures, with the same type of light, crystal clear details and different angles.

You can find some samples of previous assignments in our gallery.

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