Collage print with communion photo shoot pictures

13 May 2023 - Communion - Comment -

Original communion ideas

Today, we'll be discussing a very original idea to make the most of your First Communion photography session: creating a poster collage with your photos!

As a First Communion photographer, my aim is to capture the most special and emotional moments of this important day for the children and their families. What do we do with the photos after the session? Well, aside from keeping them in an album or digital format, we can also use them to create a poster collage.

The idea is simple: select the photos you like the most from the First Communion photo shoot and creatively arrange them in a collage design. We can include individual photos of the child, photos with parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends, as well as photos of the most beautiful details of the ceremony and the celebration. For example, in this collage, we've chosen photos from a studio session of a boy with his sister.

Once we have our poster collage design ready, we can print it directly in our studio on different materials according to your preference: high-quality photographic paper, foam board, or canvas with frame.

The advantage of making a poster collage with the photos...
Collage communion - Kunst Photo & Art
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Communion Photographer

31 March 2023 - Communion - Comment -

Outdoor Sessions

Celebrate your children's communion outdoors with unforgettable photos!

The First Communion is a very special moment in the lives of boys and girls, and what better way to remember it than with unique photographs full of life.

An outdoor communion session offers many possibilities in terms of location and settings. Parks, gardens, beaches and forests are some of the most popular places for these sessions, as they offer an ideal environment for them to feel comfortable and relaxed.

In these sessions, we work closely with the children, encouraging them to play, laugh and be themselves in front of the camera. In this way, we can capture authentic moments that reflect their unique personality.

Here are some examples of outdoor communion sessions that we have shoot recently.

If you are thinking of booking an outdoor communion session, here you can find all the information.

sesion de fotos comunion exteriores Bilbao, Getxo, Sopela_10
sesion de fotos comunion exteriores Bilbao, Getxo, Sopela_07
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Civil Wedding Photography at Txoko - Hotel Aretxarte

14 February 2023 - Weddings - Comment -

In this blog, you can see one of our recent wedding photography photoshoots at Txoko - Hotel Aretxarte, located in the Technology Park of Zamudio (Bizkaia, Spain).

The bride and groom, surrounded by their families and friends, exchanged their vows in an intimate and endearing outdoor civil ceremony.

On the wedding day, the sun shone in the sky and the weather was perfect for an outdoor celebration. 

The elegant decoration and live music contributed to creating a magical atmosphere where the bride and groom and their guests enjoyed an unforgettable, relaxed, and very fun day.

As a photographer, I work discreetly to capture unique and unrepeatable moments as they arise.

Thank you for your trust, I have loved being part of this special day and capturing every moment. 

Reportaje Boda Txoko Hotel Aretxarte Zamudio-22
Reportaje Boda Txoko Hotel Aretxarte Zamudio-01
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Capturing the Most Precious Moments

10 February 2023 - Newborn - Comment -

Newborn Photography

The arrival of a baby is a magical and unique moment in the lives of parents. It's a time of happiness and unconditional love that deserves to be captured and remembered forever. Newborn photography is the perfect way to immortalize these special and fleeting moments. 

- The Importance of Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a unique opportunity to capture the first moments of a baby's life. These moments are extremely fleeting and before you know it, your baby has grown and changed completely. Newborn photographs are a way to forever remember the sweetest and tender moments of childhood.

- Why Hire a Specialist Newborn Photographer?

Hiring a specialist newborn photographer has many advantages. An experienced photographer knows how to pose and handle the baby safely and carefully. They also have the equipment and experience necessary to create artistic and emotional images that capture your newborn baby's personality and beauty.

- Types of Newborn Photography

There are many different types of newborn photography to choose from. From simple and natural images to more elaborate compositions with accessories and decorations, there's something for all tastes and styles. Some of the most popular types include images of newborn...

Fotografia Newborn - recien nacido Bilbao
Fotografia Newborn - recien nacido Getxo
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Passport, ID Cards & Driving Licence Photos

06 January 2023 - News - Comment -

ID, Passport, driving license photos

At Kunst Photo & Art photography studio we take ID photos for national identity documents, passport, driving license, Foreigner Identity Card (TIE), schools... instantly

Photos are taken with a white background, professional lighting, and basic retouching is applied, for a high-quality result. 

We are normally open from Monday to Friday, although we recommend that you make an appointment, since sometimes we have to go out for outdoor sessions. 

Below you can see the prices and available options.




8 printed photos passport size or 1 digital



4 passport size + 1 wallet size photos or 1 digital



The chose paper photos option plus a digital copy

passport photo
Passport size photos and 1 wallet photo
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