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13 May 2023 - Communion - Comment -

Original communion ideas

Today, we'll be discussing a very original idea to make the most of your First Communion photography session: creating a poster collage with your photos!

As a First Communion photographer, my aim is to capture the most special and emotional moments of this important day for the children and their families. What do we do with the photos after the session? Well, aside from keeping them in an album or digital format, we can also use them to create a poster collage.

The idea is simple: select the photos you like the most from the First Communion photo shoot and creatively arrange them in a collage design. We can include individual photos of the child, photos with parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends, as well as photos of the most beautiful details of the ceremony and the celebration. For example, in this collage, we've chosen photos from a studio session of a boy with his sister.

Once we have our poster collage design ready, we can print it directly in our studio on different materials according to your preference: high-quality photographic paper, foam board, or canvas with frame.

The advantage of making a poster collage with the photos from the First Communion session is that we'll have a unique and personalized memory of that day, which we can enjoy it at home or give as a gift to our loved ones.

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